Kamila Kowalska

The largest digital camera in the world

The biggest digital camera in the world (3.2 gigapixel) will have 189 16-megapixel chips. What means it will have a size of  a small car!

This camera will be placed inside of the telescope LSST (The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) to take pictures of universe.  But now it is still in process of constructing in the laboratory in Chile.

The sensors CCD which are going to be used in this camera are much more expensive. Also they are more  power hungry than regular CMOS sensors. But their advantage is experiencing less noise. The main task of this innovative camera will be recording video of the whole night sky. That will  give the possibility to record unexpected appearing of supernova or different excitements which happen in the universe. Amazing is also that it will produce a crapload of data, perhaps 15 terabytes per night. Engineers plan to do first the tests of using this device this year (2018) but the full operation of the world’s largest digital camera is planned for January 2022 and it will last 10 years.

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