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Best Photography Spots in San Francisco

For those who have personally experienced or have seen it in films or TV, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  The entire city is a backdrop from beautiful imagery, so San Francisco is a desirable location for most photographers. Even if you are not a professional photographer, the variety of places to photograph is endless.  So, with so many options available, what are the most popular places to take photos in San Francisco, California?

Golden Gate Bridge/Vista Point

Vista Point is probably the most popular place to shoot photos as this location is the most recognized.  Everyone in the world knows about the Golden Gate Bridge and the breathtaking views that surround this landscape. Tourists do not visit San Francisco without taking a trip to this location because it is one of the most photographed places in the world. 

 China Town

A night on the town in San Francisco is always exciting as there are plenty of great places to visit, restaurants are endless, and the views are beautiful.  Chinatown falls into the top 5 locations for photographers to shoot because of the sheer amount of scenery and diversity on display in this part of town. It is very easy to capture the atmosphere of Chinatown with just a few images of the people that are all over this area.

Pier 7

Pier 7 is an amazing location. The view from here is breathtaking for lovers of symmetry, of water and for anyone who would like to capture misty photos. This is a great location with an amazing background for family photos or simply a place to capture the beautiful people that visit San Francisco.  These very people make for great additions to your photography. Pier 7 is also a perfect place for those who prefer portrait photography.

Land’s End

The name alone leaves a bit of mystery. This is a location that inspires many to venture off to and explore. This location is the perfect spot to get the great photos and to tell a story through your images. If You just feel like walking and taking in San Francisco, this is the ideal place. The Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from here as well so if you are wanting a photo of the other side of the bridge then this is the ideal spot.

San Francisco’s Mission District

The mission district finals out the top 5 list. An ideal location for any street photographer and for any tourist in general. Alley ways filled with graffiti and all other kinds of street art can be seen as you walk down the streets of the mission’s district.

Again, these are only a few of the ideal photography destinations in San Francisco. This city is amazing and annually draws more and more tourists from all over the world.  Whether it is a hobby or a career, all photographers must go to San Francisco in order to get the best images possible for their portfolio.

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