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Photography cool Spots in Bay Area

Sometimes, it can be a chore to figure out where you should go to shoot your next great photos. That’s why we’ve decided to figure it out for you! Below, we have come up with some favorable places to shoot and spots in particular of Bay Area to take amazing photos in an amazing environment.

Napa Valley Vineyards

Napa Valley Vineyards is surrounded by different, varying mountains. Within these mountain ranges are smaller valleys that rise from sea level at the northern end this is a good spot. The soil on the northern end as well is large amount of volcanic ash and lava will definitely be a cool background for a photograph . Along with all the vineyards this place features, it is best place for any photographer to take their photos to the next level.

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, Felton

If you’re looking for Redwoods, look no further. Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park offers over fifteen miles of trails, some leading to beautiful, isolated areas, surrounded by nothing but captivating, redwood trees this also is among the best photography places on our list. Some of these secluded areas include tiny isolated beaches and fantastic views of mountains. What’s more, it seems to be all interconnected by the ever running San Lorenzo River  and a good place too for a nice cool photograph. All the while, gorgeous towering redwood trees stand firmly amiss. There’s an endless amount of photogenic opportunities at this state park, don’t miss out!

Western Railway Museum, Suisun City

The Western Railway Museum is unique in that it is a railroad museum that specializes in electrical railroads. They have streetcars and interurbans. What’s more they have freight and passenger cars. They even have tiny diesel locomotives for you to pose for a cool shot and a couple of steam engines. The variety of scenery available with such a multitude of options is limitless!  A popular one is that of a vintage feel. It takes you back in time in a way that gently lifts off your bones. It immerses you back into another world, where things were different. You can capture all that in a photo.

UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Garden features over twelve thousand plants from almost every continent! Is another best place on our list. It has a xerophytic fern display along with a cycad and palm garden. What’s more, it has a orchid, fern and carnivorous plant house! It even facets an arid house and tropical house! These are best places to consider for a photograph. Furthermore, it displays a gorgeous garden of old roses, a herb garden, crops of the world garden and Chinese mythical herb garden! It also features specific cool geographic locations such as; Asia, Australia, California, Desserts of the America’s, Eastern North America, Mediterranean, Mexico and Central America, South America and Southern Africa! The varying degrees of photo possibilities here are endless!

Pebble Beach, Pescadero

Pebble beach is just it’s name; a beach made out of tiny pebbles instead of your typical sand! It features these pebbles among an array of creatures, creatures such as: Crabs, sea urchins, anemones and more. Furthermore, tidal pools can occasionally be seen in the surrounding water. What’s more, it has a one mile long trail that leads back to the main beach. On this trail, beautiful wildflowers can be found when they’re in season, as well as harbor seal and shorebird colonies! It even offers a more closer look at tidal pools! All of these features could make for a variety of wonderful photos, just waiting for you to take advantage of.

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